the cloudscraper elephants arrived first. the clouds started to disappear, and after 500 years they were gone. it was always sunny. the skyscraper elephants arrived second. the sky became black; the stars became beautiful

the spacescraper elephants arrived last. the emptiness between stars started to dissapear. Alpha Centurai looks like the moon. the observable universe became busier. far away at the edge, new stars appeared. the universe was big once. now the aliens, God, her queendom and the angels fit inside a box. when all the emptiness was gone, so was time and everything. there is a new emptiness for whoever comes next


umm... just in case anyone doesn't understand how the emptiness disappearing works: lightspeed through space is bounded, but the speed of space itself is not. shrinking space really fast is similar to making a wormhole that stretches in every direction simultaneously; in this case, beyond the edge of Earth's light cone